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The Art Of Beauty

SkinVibes Aesthetics offers complementary consultations and an in-depth skin assessment to every client. We are dedicated to achieving great results!



All facials are customized for each individual client

and their specific skincare needs.

Rejuvenating Facial $75.00 

Includes Steam, Double Cleansing,

Exfoliation, Customized Mask,

Skin Treatment, High Frequency,

Moisturizer and SPF.

Deep Cleaning Facial $85.00

Includes Steam, Double Cleansing,

 Double Exfoliation, Extractions, Customized Mask,

Skin Treatment, High Frequency,

Moisturizer and SPF.

Anti-Aging Facial $150.00

Includes Steam, Double Cleansing,

 Double Exfoliation,

choice of

Light Chemical Peel or RF Skin Tightening, 

 Customized Mask,

Skin Treatment, High Frequency,

Moisturizer and SPF.

Teen Facial $65.00

Includes Steam, Double Cleansing,

 Double Exfoliation, Blackhead softener,

Extensive Extractions, Blackhead Removal, Customized Mask,

Skin Treatment, High Frequency,

Moisturizer and SPF.

Dermaplaning With Facial- $110.00

Double Cleansing,

Skin Prep, Dermaplaning Vellus Fuzz,

Extractions if needed, Customized Mask,

Skin Treatment, High Frequency,

Moisturizer and SPF.

Includes Brow Waxing 

Dermaplaning Only- $85.00

Double cleanse, Skin Prep, Dermaplaning vellus fuzz, Moisturizer, SPF

Hydra-Facial Peel- $150.00

Includes Steam, Double Cleansing,

 Hydra Facial System, 

RF Skin Tightening, Extractions, 

 Customized Mask,

Skin Treatment, High Frequency,

Moisturizer and SPF.


Microdermabrasion / Peels



Microdermabrasion is a minimally invasive procedure used to renew overall skin tone and texture. It can improve the appearance of sun damage, wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, acne scarring and melasma.

Microdermabrasion Peel only $90.00

Microdermabrasion w facial

$125.00 - $150.00



Chemical Peels

Micro Peel- Light with zero peeling. Exfoliation to brighten and tighten the skin.

With a Facial $150.00
Peel Only $75.00

Lactic Plus Peel- 30%- Moderate
Peeling $99.99

Modified TCA Peel- Be ready to peel!



Enhance your beauty while enjoying the ease and simplicity of having eyelash extensions!

Regular Lash Glue

Full Set of Lash Extensions $150.00

1/2 Fill (one week) $65.00

2 Week Fill $75.00
3 Week Fill $85.00

4 Week Fill $120.00

NEW UV Lash Glue

This revolutionary lash glue helps to reduce allergic reactions. UV glue sets instantly resulting in better retention with little to NO irritation!

NO curing time. 


Full Set $230.00

2 Week Fill $85.00

3 Week Fill $95.00

4 Week Fill $110.00

5 Week Fill $175.00

Additional Eyelash/ Brow Services


Lash Dying $55.00

Lash Perming and Lifting $110.00

 Brow Dying $45.00

Brow Tweezing $10.00

2018 ProCell_logo_therapies_700x350_edit


Microchanneling stimulates your body's natural ability to generate new healthy skin while stimulating collagen! This amazing treatment will keep your skin looking and feeling younger by activating your body's natural regenerative ability to help tighten and lift the skin, while minimizing many common skin problems.

We age, visibly and invisible, every day. 

Sun damage, internal inflammation, chemicals, and even gravity all work against the youthful vitality of your skin. Microchanneling turns back the hands of time. 

This treatment can be done on all skin types!

Improves the appearance of:

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Ance Scars/ Surgical Scars

Strech Marks

Sun Damage/ Dark Spots


Firms, Tightens & Tones Skin

Virtually No Downtime

All Procell treatments come with 7 days homecare. These Procell post care products contain Human Growth Factors, which produce a potent, anti-inflammatory effect. This effect reduces healing time. These growth factors support cellular renewal and have strong regenerating prosperities to improve skin firmness, elasticity, texture, and tone. 

Single Treatment Face $350.00

Add on:

Neck $150.00

Décolleté $150.00

Package of 4 Treatment 20% Off

Face Only $1120.00

Package of 6 Treatments 20% Off

Face Only $1680.00



All skin is prepped with a cleanser and depletory oil prior to waxing services.

Eyebrows    $20.00

Lip    $15.00

Chin    $18.00

Nose    $20.00

Ears    $20.00

Sideburns    $25.00

Full Face    $55.00

Neck    $35.00

Back    $65.00 - $95.00

Chest    $45.00 - $85.00

Under Arms    $40.00 

Arms    $45.00 - $85.00

Legs    $45.00 - 90.00

Bikini Basic    $65.00

Brazilian Bikini $75.00 - $95.00

Hands/ Feet    $35.00

Toes    $15.00


Spray Tanning Prep

Extending the life of your tan!

What you should do to help your tan be long lasting and get best results!

Before you tan!

1. Exfoliate before your tan! Either the night before or the morning of your tanning session.


Using an exfoliator or pre-Sunless tanning product with a formulation specifically

designed for skin renewal.


2. Shaving and Waxing

Should also be done at this time as these can contribute to uneven color development and fading if done soon after tanning. 

3. Wear loose fitting clothing that will

not cling to the body.

4. If you are wanting to wear undergarments, please wear them in black for your tan, so the tanning solution does not show on the clothing.

5. Wear Sandles or shoes without socks.

Maintenance and Longevity


Proper moisturization offsets the

drying effect of the DHA and prolongs

the skin renewal cycle.

Types of hydrations for the tan. 

Products with DHA

Prodcuts without DHA

Both provide critical hydration

to the skin. Both types of products can

be used together for optimal

performance, one in the morning

to add a glow to the skin and one

in the evening to rehydrate the skin.


 Ask about products!

Lower Body

Body Contouring


Now offering Body Contouring!

Skin Tightening and Fat Loss

RF (Radio Frequency)

Used for skin tightening and cellulite reduction.

$175.00 (per hour)

RF / Cavitation- Fat loss and skin tightening $250.00 (per hour)

RF Skin Tightening- Can be added to most facial treatments.

RF- Face Only $40.00
RF- F/N $50.00
RF- F/N/D $60.00



Spray Tanning

Custom Spray Tanning

Clients coming into my location to tan!

Single Tan $45.00

Rapid Rinse Tan $60.00

(Rise off in 1-3 hours)

Hydra Moisture Treatment $10.00

Save 20% when you buy a package of tans!

Package of 3 tans $115.00, Save $20.00

Package of 5 tans $185.00, Save $40.00

Package of 10 tans $385.00, Save $65.00

Mobile Pricing

Standard $25.00 trip fee.

Custom Tan Single $75.00

Custom Tan for Two $120.00

Custom Tan for Three $180.00

Party Time

Let's book a party!

A credit card will hold your spot.

The card will only be charged $50.00 for last

minute cancelations or no-shows.

A trip fee of $25.00 applies to all parties. If further than 10 miles from my location, an additional $1.00 per miles will be added to the original trip fee.  

Party Pricing

You must have a minimum of 4 people

to book a party!

4-5 people $40.00 per tan

6-10 people $35.00 per tan

11 + people 30.00 per tan

If paying with a Credit Card, please add an additional $5.00 to the tan. 

Tans are non-refundable and non-transferable

All services required a 24-hour cancellation.

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